Shot by Dannygren, the artist

Dan Nygren

The artist


Into the light



Playing at the same gig as below.


Mnemic at Club Metalhouse

New pictures uploaded. Shooting Mnemic at Klubben, Fryshuset Stockholm.


M.A.N at Klubben, Stockholm

Tony on stage
Together with Mnemic, M.A.N did a hardcore gig at Fryshuset Stockholm. Also playing was Drowning me and Cellout.
More pictures available at jla.drmuller.net

Drowning Me

Some pictures from Klubben Stockholm where the Swedish metal band Drowning Me did a gig.
More pictures


Looking for you

Is it a crabfish or a spider...


Some kind of monster?

Found this little bug draining our roses.



A ladybird on a thistle.


Running water

Running water in Tyresta National park south of Stockholm.
Picture taken august 2005


Happy birthday Heidi

Happy birthday to my wonderful wife Heidi on her birthday.


Bugs in our garden

Our garden is heavily populated by other species than Me & Heidi. Hooking a macro to the camera made us discover some of our other inhabitants. Above is the louse "Albert" who got lost from the roses and ended up on a clover clearly confused.

When discovering that the caterpillar & fly knew each other, they clearly stated that it was a mistake and tried to run away from the camera. I will be watching you guys..

The following two bugs haven't introduced themselves to me. Anybody who know them?


First results from the fishing safari

Finaly I've managed to do som initial sorting of the pictures from our trip to Ottsjö. Check out the first collection here



Mike, constantly on watch for the salmon trout


At shore

An early morning down by the lake


Rainbow over lake Ottsjö

One night, after a long day of exploring new waters. We found this place by the lake just perfect for a campfire to cook dinner.
After a while, this fantastic rainbow appeared pointing out where to find the gold.

Tomorrow, we'll go there ...


Evil Em goes Creative Em

After months of creative thinking, Evil Em transforms into Creative Em.
During the big server booboo & and the move to a new co-location, Evil Em decided to change their name to Creative Em.
Check out the cool handicraft at their site


Happy happy

Mika cathes a salmon trout at Storån on the earlier mentioned fishing safari.

Fishing safari in Ottsjö

Just got back from a fantastic fishing safari in Jämtland. A lot of great waters for salmon trout, char & grayling. A little bit early for the season, but the four of us managed to catch five small salmon trouts. Our base camp was my father-in-law:s lodge in Ottsjö. I will put some pictures online as soon as I've finished sorting them.


The motorcyclist has left the building

A motorbike wreck in nomansland Cyprus late 80's


Orchids in June

The first week of June is finished and I had some great days shooting flowers at the "Ölands alvar". Especially orchids where caught on camera amongs other things.
This time of the year the "alvaret" is exploding of orchids and I'm happy just knowing the name of half of them.
After some sorting, this is what's left.

Pantomime at Váci utca - scanning old photos

Copyright Jimmy L.A. Müller
Started to scan some of my old photos. A lot of the negs are in bad shape and won't be reproducable, but there are some copies like this one that I will work with.
This picture of an pantomime artist was taken at Váci utca in Budapest late december 1988 where I stayed for the New Year celebrations.


A taste from the exhibition

In earler post I mentioned the Whitsun exhibition at Galleri Triduum in the village of Karlevi on the Island of Öland. This picture is a sample of the exhibition.
If you have the opportunity to visit Öland this weekend, don't hesitate to drop by and meet me in real life.


An elk

Calm as a ... minding her own business .

Whitsun exhibition in Öland

Upcoming weekend (3-5 of June), I will show some new pictures taken during the winter and spring. The exhibition will take place at Galleri Triduum on the Island of Öland.


M.A.N at Klubben

More pictures ...

M.A.N did a rellay great gig at Klubben, Stockholm in the beginning of April this year together with Fear Factory & Misery Index. Afterwards there was a party at Pub Anchor where M.A.N. did an extra gig.


Clawfinger at Debaser

Clawfinger did a gig at Debaser in Stockholm the 15:th of May. I got the opportunity to bring my camera. Despite the bad lighting there are some nice photos worth spending some time browsing through.
Browse the images here.
Thanx to Clawfinger and Keetch.


Snake's head fritillary

Snake's head fritillary (Kungsängslilja, Fritillaria meleagris L.) at Sandemar, Sweden.
Sandemar has a large population of Snake's head fritillary amongst other beutiful flowers.
Picture taken the 27:th of May 2006

Low flying ...

A swan flying low over the Alvar at the island of Öland after a successful liftof. Picture taken the 16:th of april 2006

Roe deer at Åva

Met a roe deer an early morning in April at Åva in the south of Stockholm.

What to put as a first post.

This is a little bit tricky.
My intenton is to publish photos when I have some to show.