The motorcyclist has left the building

A motorbike wreck in nomansland Cyprus late 80's


Orchids in June

The first week of June is finished and I had some great days shooting flowers at the "Ölands alvar". Especially orchids where caught on camera amongs other things.
This time of the year the "alvaret" is exploding of orchids and I'm happy just knowing the name of half of them.
After some sorting, this is what's left.

Pantomime at Váci utca - scanning old photos

Copyright Jimmy L.A. Müller
Started to scan some of my old photos. A lot of the negs are in bad shape and won't be reproducable, but there are some copies like this one that I will work with.
This picture of an pantomime artist was taken at Váci utca in Budapest late december 1988 where I stayed for the New Year celebrations.


A taste from the exhibition

In earler post I mentioned the Whitsun exhibition at Galleri Triduum in the village of Karlevi on the Island of Öland. This picture is a sample of the exhibition.
If you have the opportunity to visit Öland this weekend, don't hesitate to drop by and meet me in real life.


An elk

Calm as a ... minding her own business .

Whitsun exhibition in Öland

Upcoming weekend (3-5 of June), I will show some new pictures taken during the winter and spring. The exhibition will take place at Galleri Triduum on the Island of Öland.