Waterstone 1040583

Yet another stone in the water from the waterStone album. Gradually, It's growing when sorting pictures from my disc.


Ancient Oak tree

Found this fantastic oaks on a field south of Stockholm near Häringe castle.


Waterstone #05__2A

A passion of mine is trying to capture the contrast between hard and soft elements. One thing I've found very interesting is water and hard rock. This picture is one of the first in the upcoming album at waterStone


Decomposing structure

Decomposing tree branch. See more pictures from this album

Site redesign

Have implemented Jalbum to manage pictures at my site jla.drmuller.net. First version just relesed. Still some work to do and trying to get someone to do some design as well. Some of the links from this blog still has to be updated as I suspect they are dead for the moment. If you find a dead link, please report it to me

Watermade shapes

Noted that I'm particularly partial to movements in water. Even better when air and water works together and creates shapes.



A follow-up to Colorful winter. What is it that makes water that moves so interesting? Something that just makes you calm inside.


I was here

For no reason at all, let us all make small monuments wherever we go.