Climbing up the branch

Yet another sqiurrel I met the other day when walking in the forest


Mating seagulls

Seagulls making new seagulls;)


Yet another chaffinch

On watch, just like a hawk.

Straight from the archives.

An ordinary day at the beach. Off season at Kuta beach, Bali early 90' s


The other end

Somewhere over the rainbow...
The other end of the mighty rainbow over the mountains at Åvådalen seen from lake Ottsjö


Waterstone 4428

Yet another view from lake Ottsjö in Jämtland.


Nordic light

Rainbow over lake Ottsjö in Jämtland.


The curious frog

Luring in a pond at the southern parts (Stensjödal) of Tyresta national park. When time is given, I will go back there.

A few beers ago ...

we where having dinner with some friends. Met up at Copperfields, Fridhemsplan for some quick beers where Heidi had to get a starter (Pomme chateu) to survive until supper.
Some beers later, the urge for meat made us walk down Flemminggatan to Texas Longhorn. Small crowded place with a waiting time for at least 1 hour forced us towards O'learys sportsbar where we finally got a table (after some beers in the bar).
After some sirloin, tenderloin and enchiladas, we couldn't stand the noise from the dreadful football everywhere on the television. So, we decided to check out this new place Arizona at Torsgatan. Really nice interior design and friendly staff. Next time I will try the food as well.
Now, I'm ready to meet up with my camera and try to capture something that prevents me from writing stuff instead of just uploading pictures.
Stay tuned....


Competitor in the chase for a woman

This chaffinch sings in the same territory as the one in earlier post.

Blue tits are nice...

On my morning walk an hour ago, I stumbled upon this Blue tit (Parus caeruleus) singing and searching for a partner.

Singing in the sun

A chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs) at Sandemar, Dalarö in Haninge. Picture taken a sunny morning early April 2007


woodpeckers against technology

A male woodpecker (Dendrocopos major) at one of the favourite object to destroy. Picture taken at lake Ödran in Riddartorp, Haninge Sweden.


Placed on bloggkartan.se

Registered at blogkartan.se,

Something good to chew on



Met this little squirrel on a early morning walk at Lake Rudan in Haninge

Lazy part of me

My strongest personality has been really active the last couple of months. Must say that being lazy is an art form where it's hard to keep up with all the latest methods and new inventions. Well, with several projects and unable to dedicate time to all of them, for the moment I've been uploading pictures at Fotosidan. Have a look at some new pictures over there and promise that some new will arrive soon here as well


Happy landing

A seagull just after a perfect landing on Lake Rudan in Haninge.


Crow in a dead tree